Fishing 7/27—8/4/22

A sign that we'd catch a lot? Turns out, no.
Getting geared-up for a perfect day.
Leaving the harbor to get herring.
First salmon went to Charlie
Mountains were a sight for sore eyes after weeks of storms.
Great weather, slow salmon fishing.
Chatham Strait on a perfect day!
Intel for if I ever have to captain the ship, LOL.
Come get COVID with 5000 of your closest friends! In Alaska!
Great old boat.
This mountain of metamorphics is unnamed.
Colin has quite the halibut stance.
Colin's first halibut.
Colin's first halibut.
Colin's first halibut.
Waiting for the salmon that rarely came.
Same, buddy. Same.
At least Colin looked cool not catching many salmon.
The views and weather were great.