Zephyr Models Aunt Dotty's Clothes

Zephyr had a special fall modeling session to showcase the amazing sewing talents of my Aunt Dorothy and a very special gift from our friends, the Choi's, of South Korea.
 RJH8493 Is this good enough for you?  RJH8500  RJH8501
 RJH8503  RJH8504  RJH8505  RJH8506
 RJH8508  RJH8511  RJH8517  RJH8519
 RJH8523  RJH8526  RJH8530  RJH8532
 RJH8539  RJH8544  RJH8546  RJH8547
 RJH8561  RJH8564  RJH8566