WildLink Club Climbs Stonehenge (Rockclimbing Gym)

Sixteen WildLink club members spent three hours “learning the ropes” of rock climbing at the Stonehenge Climbing Gym in Modesto. Everyone took turns relying on their partners to belay as they attempted to scale walls that were over 40 feet tall. The encouragement, support and positivity exuding from everyone made this one of the best WildLink trips in recent memory. Everyone had such fun!
Learning how to rope-up  RJH9673  RJH9677-1  RJH9680
 RJH9681  RJH9682  RJH9683  RJH9685
 RJH9687  RJH9688  RJH9690  RJH9691
 RJH9693  RJH9695  RJH9696  RJH9697
 RJH9698  RJH9699  RJH9700  RJH9701
 RJH9702  RJH9705  RJH9706  RJH9707
 RJH9708  RJH9709  RJH9710  RJH9711
 RJH9712  RJH9714  RJH9715  RJH9717
 RJH9719  RJH9720  RJH9722  RJH9723
 RJH9725  RJH9726  RJH9728  RJH9731
 RJH9733  RJH9734  RJH9735  RJH9737
 RJH9738  RJH9739  RJH9740  RJH9741
 RJH9744  RJH9746  RJH9749  RJH9750
 RJH9754  RJH9757  RJH9758  RJH9760
 RJH9761  RJH9762  RJH9763  RJH9764
 RJH9765  RJH9766  RJH9767  RJH9768
 RJH9769  RJH9771  RJH9773  RJH9775
 RJH9777  RJH9779  RJH9780  RJH9782
 RJH9784  RJH9785  RJH9786  RJH9788
 RJH9790  RJH9792  RJH9793  RJH9795
 RJH9796  RJH9797  RJH9799  RJH9801
 RJH9802  RJH9805  RJH9807  RJH9809
 RJH9810  RJH9811  RJH9813  RJH9816
 RJH9819  RJH9820  RJH9823  RJH9824
 RJH9828  RJH9829  RJH9830  RJH9831
 RJH9832  RJH9833  RJH9835  RJH9839
 RJH9840  RJH9843  RJH9844  RJH9847
 RJH9848  RJH9852  RJH9853  RJH9856
 RJH9860  RJH9861  RJH9862  RJH9867
 RJH9873  RJH9877  RJH9880  RJH9882
 RJH9883  RJH9891  RJH9892  RJH9895
 RJH9900 Mr Hayes, Tiffany, Natasha, Mrs H, Ki, Jazzmin, Tamera, Enedino, Erika, Brad, Jordan, Juan, Lindsay, Damian, Kya, Celeste, Vanessa, Jagdeep, Raeann, Mr Kamp