WildLink Club Rips Out Quail Brush at San Luis National Wildlife Refuge

Seventeen wildlinkers dedicated their Sunday to helping the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge clear an abundance of quail brush from their fledgling demonstration garden. Temps soared into the high 80's (maybe even 90) by lunchtime, but luckily everyone worked so quickly we were done! Ranger Jack Sparks gave us a quick auto tour around the elk enclosure and gave the students several very informative and engaging presentations.
 RJH0883  RJH0884 We started the day with a site overview at the new visitor's center education room.  It's decked-out! Ranger Jack Sparks gave us an awesome introduction to the mission of the refuge complex and how its managed.
Ranger Jack shows us what the quail brush looks like and how to pull it out of the ground. That's right Jordan, the stuff in his right hand isn't quail brush.  Leave it be. This is quail brush. Jordan knew that, though. This area will eventually become an uplands botanical demonstration area.  Mario from NatureBridge helps Jordan and Dino.
Kiran and hhhh worked hard to pull that HUGE quail brush out. Lindsay Natasha's just happy she wasn't falling over in this photo. Damian and Trevor
When in Rome... elk fever. Katie from NatureBridge and Mrs H wondering how much I was doing.  RJH0901  RJH0902
Teamwork for Natasha and Jazz Juan  RJH0905  RJH0906
 RJH0907 Trevor found a relict shovel. Jonathan working hard.  RJH0910
 RJH0911  RJH0912 Suns out guns out.  RJH0915
 RJH0916  RJH0917  RJH0918  RJH0919
 RJH0920  RJH0921  RJH0922  RJH0924
 RJH0926  RJH0927  RJH0929 Ranger Jack Sparks, Mr. Hoobyar, Mrs H, Lindsay, Mr Campbell, Damian, Erika, Kiran, Dino, Mary, Samantha, Jonathan, Juan, Jordan, Jennifer, Alejandra, Miriam, Yulissa, Natahsa, Jazzmin, Trevor
 RJH0934  RJH0935  RJH0936  RJH0942
 RJH0946  RJH0947  RJH0950  RJH0951
 RJH0952  RJH0953  RJH0954