WildLink Club 2014 Homecoming Parade

At the suggestion of several expedition members, the THS WildLink Club decided to enter the Homecoming Parade for the first time in club history. We stayed true to wilderness ethics by using only recylced or recyclable materials and creating a "walking float" - no mechanized trucks or trailers. The students worked hard over three days building a campfire, tent, banner and forest to carry in the parade. We won 3rd place float, even though we had no idea our walking version qualified.
Jordan ready to start a fire.  RJH8573  RJH8584  RJH8593
 RJH8595  RJH8597  RJH8598 Former WildLinker Mike!
 RJH8606  RJH8607  RJH8608  RJH8609
 RJH8611  RJH8612  RJH8613  RJH8615
 RJH8616  RJH8617  RJH8621  RJH8623
 RJH8627  RJH8628  RJH8631  RJH8633
 RJH8637  RJH8641  RJH8642  RJH8645
 RJH8648  RJH8654  RJH8658  RJH8667
 RJH8669  RJH8671  RJH8672  RJH8674
 RJH8676  RJH8681  RJH8683  RJH8685
 RJH8688  RJH8689  RJH8690  RJH8693
 RJH8695  RJH8702  RJH8704  RJH8707
 RJH8716  RJH8723 German Club went with a 40's theme. Portuguese Club 60's float.
 RJH8582 Seniors went with the 80's.  Doc and Marty make a run for it. Gamers club. WildLink asked the Philosophy Club the age old bear in the woods when no one is around deal.