Yosemite Valley - Day of the Bobcats

Laura, Z and I headed-up to The Valley late Sunday morning to escape the dreaded Tule Fog that had socked-in much of the Central Valley for over a week. Quite simply, we needed to see some sunshine. It turned out that the fog deck topped-out near Mariposa and within a matter of seconds the temperature jumped from 48 to 61 degrees! Ohhh did the solar radiation feel good to soak-up. Did I mention we saw TWO bobcats in Yosemite. We did.
Ahhh.. the sun.  Note the fog deck to the left. Yeah, so being burried in that crud for more than seven days without seeing the sun really sucks. Laura and Z at the Mariposa History Museum's stamp mill. The Stamp Mill still runs on special days.  It was used to crush quartz and extract gold from the pulverized powder.
Bobcat!  Seeing one is quite hard to do.  I've only seen three in Yosemite in the 50+ trips I've made. Bobcat Bobcat Cute bobcat.
Awwww... Upper Yosemite Falls had enough water to put on a show. Laura and Zephyr enjoy the pestering of dad.  RJH0028
Sitting and soaking-up the sun. Hurry-up guys! One of my new favorite shots of Zephyr.  Little kid in a big world! Yosemite Falls through the oaks.
Too cool for One Half Dome Towering Over Yosemite. Oaks Oaks zoomed-in. Laura and Zephyr enjoyed the hike.
Shadows! Jumping on Shadows! Stepping on shadows! Bike path along North Side Drive.
At this point I bent down to put Zephyr in my backpack and a sunning bobcat jumped out of his napping place 10 feet from the trail and suantered into the sun. Close-up of bobcat #2 Another close-up of bobcat #2 Selfie in front of the lower falls.
Laura and Z with flash. Laura and Z with no flash. And to end the day, bobcat #2 had wandered across the meadow to stalk something.  It was so cool to watch! image2
Hard to believe that Zephyr is still a month shy of two.  Such a cool kid.