Bell Meadow 2014

Laura, Zephyr and I headed out to the forest searching for a good backdrop to our 2014 Christmas cards.
Z was happy to back in the forest Wonder Amazement Hunger
Lichen excitement Trooper Bell Meadow aspens  RJH8370
Bell Meadow aspens Bell Meadow aspens  RJH8381 Interesting beetle chomping.
Close-up of insect damage Insect damage. 101Ma Bummers Flat Granodiorite. Z was willing to trek anywhere.
Just a pretty meadow shot with an aspen trunk. Z explores the aspen Z is amazed by the aspens Z shows more curiosity towards aspens.
Zephyr, stick, trail, aspens. Zephyr James, Mountain Climber. Zephyr James, Mountain Climber. Bell Meadow aspens.
Bell Meadow aspens. Hiking with gumption. Z wanted to be the leader. The light always shines brightly on Zephyr
Make way for the other hikers. Looking across the meadow towards Bell Mountain.  The Rim Fire came close to the summit, but never dropped into Bell Meadow. Bell Meadow aspens. Bell Meadow aspens.
Bell Meadow aspens. Bell Meadow aspens. Bell Meadow aspens.  RJH8479
 RJH8480  RJH8483  RJH8486