Sword Lake Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

Description of Sword Lake:
Ok, I'm trying to save you a trip right now. If you've ever seen "The Wedding SInger" with Adam Sandler, this hike will evoke the ending of the "Somebody Shoot Me" song he sings to Drew Barrymore after his girlfriend dumps him. Never, ever, ever go to Sword or Lost Lakes. This hike was hands-down THE WORST hike I've ever been on in the Sierra's. I took my family to go see a huge landslide that I had learned about during a summer workshop . The trail in was very dusty and there were countless ups and downs of less than 50 feet. Nothing too strenuos, but there was little shade, it was a hot day and those ups & downs just killed-it. The landslide was neat to see, but it was near the begining of the trail. The lake sucked. It was boring, looked stagnant, with lots of oakies diving off rope swings to kill any hope of fishing. To top it off, a boyscout troop from the bay area was hiking in with their Japanese exchange troop! Of all the amazing places they could have gone, their choice of Sword Lake baffles me to this day! Just save yourself the trouble and drive up Hwy 4 to see the same views.

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