Tuolumne River Salmon 2015-

Laura, Z and I took advantage of a newly acquired day off during Thanksgiving to visit the Tuolumne and investigate the state of the salmon run after a cold fall storm passed through. We saw one live salmon and one dead salmon that had been counted (head lopped-off by CDFW). The best part of the day was watching Zephyr throw rocks into the river and check to make sure no one (animals) was living under the rocks he was throwing. We also got to see some neat irridescence in the icy cirrostratus clouds.
HWY 132 HWY 132 HWY 132 HWY 132
DSC 6723 copy HWY 132 Barrett Cove turkeys Counted salmon
DSC 6749 DSC 6754 DSC 6763 DSC 6766
DSC 6770 DSC 6771 DSC 6775 DSC 6782 copy
DSC 6785 DSC 6786 DSC 6787 DSC 6796
DSC 6801 copy RJH 6765