Tuolumne Meadows 2021 7/28-31/21

Not wanting to let a coveted 3-Day Yosemite Pass go to waste, Z, Grandma and I headed to the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne, only to be thwarted by awesome monsoonal thunderstorms. We were able to eat a bit of lunch in the car while overlooking the Dana Fork and watching the rain showers move through the area. Smelling petrichor was great! After eating we noticed that the storms seemed to be leaving Tuolumne Meadows alone, so we headed down to do a bit of fishing and exploring. Z caught the only fish of the day! A fun 7" brown trout. It was a great day!
Hitting the trail to Lyell Canyon.
Oh Deer!
Catch the rain drops, then return to the car. Thunder was rumbling.
Racing pine cones.
Racing pine cones
Love this little plunge pool. Too slippery to safely check out.
We got rained on quite nicely on the way back tot he car, and I had to take my hood off and enjoy the feeling. Z styled me.
Pothole dome and clouds.
Lembert dome and storms to the east.
Tiny tiny pungent lupine.
Fishing is serious business.
Unicorn Peak.
The Cathedrals and a determined Z.
Smile! Oh, and then let me catch a fish on the next cast.
Monster brown.
Happy fisher.
Clouds kept drawing my eye.
Fairview Dome. It is indeed a fair view.