Spring Breakation 2021 4/3-9/21

We decided to utilize our full vaccination by taking our first trip outside of California in over 15 months! We decided that remote lava-filled destinations would keep Z safe and we'd still have a great time exploring. We settled on renting a townhouse on the outskirts of Klamath Falls and using the house as a basecamp to visit Lava Beds, Crater Lake and the Sprague River Valley. Z's quote for the trip, upon entering the lava tubes for the first time was "This is the best thing I've ever done in MY LIFE!" So I think a good, safe and socially distant time was had by all.
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Day 1 - Turlock to Klamath Falls

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Day 2 - Klamath Falls Link Trail and Skillet Handle Trail

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Day 3 - Petroglyph Point and Lava Beds

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Day 4 - Crater Lake

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Day 5 - Camp Tule Lake and Lava Beds

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Day 6 - Sprague Valley and Wood River Explorations

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Day 7 - Burney Falls

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