Green Treble and Maul Lakes 8/5/21

One of the most amazingly scenic and geologically interesting hikes we've ever hiked. Six miles or so round trip. Requires basic route-finding skills.
West Fork of Lee Vining Creek.
Lovely logs to cross west fork of Lee Vining Creek.
Monk's hood was growing profusely.
Entrance sign to the Harvey Monroe Hall Research area. The sign and shed have seen better days. But the field are is amazing.
Approaching the Harvey Monroe Hall Research Area.
I wonder if the cabin caved-in during heavy snows several years ago?
This hike took forever because the geology was just TOO good. Z standing on glacially polished meta-sandstones derived from sediments washing off volcanic…
Meta-sandstones. With a ton of other awesome features.
Polished folds and boudinage. Foot for scale.
I wanna zigga zig uh.
Lee Vining Creek has downcut quite a bit in this section.
Happy hiker.
Unnamed prominence.
Beautiful meta-sandstone
The trail to Green Trebble is quite faint once it breaks away from the climbers trail coming out of Sawmill Camp.
Great little knickpoint on Lee Vining Creek.
Z keeps on keepin' on.