Its all fun and games until it fails

Its all fun & games until a rocket fails... then it's awesome!


Isn't Mr H too old for fun like this?

Yeah right! I use bottle rockets in my chemistry class to study concepts of gas laws and phase change. But to be honest, they're just really fun to build and launch, and it seems the older you are the more fun you have with them. I've created this page to direct my students and casual rocketeers to some good ideas that will get them started in H20 Rocketry. Google-ing doesn't hurt either! Use the links wisely and let me know if any stop working. Have fun and be safe!


Build the Hollister Launchmeister

finished launcherparts

Why pay hundreds of bucks to get a launcher? Here is a complete, step-by-step instructional slideshow that shows you how to build a launcher for less than $25 with easy to get parts.


Beginner's Links


Advanced Links



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