WildLink 2015 Ice Skating

THS and PHS WildLinkers finally made it to the ice of the Curry Village Rink at the begining of February. It was a balmy 50 degrees on the rink, the park was snow-free and everyone had a great time!
 RJH0120  RJH0121  RJH0123  RJH0125
 RJH0128  RJH0129  RJH0130  RJH0131
 RJH0132  RJH0141  RJH0152  RJH0156
 RJH0158  RJH0165  RJH0167  RJH0170
 RJH0172  RJH0174  RJH0179  RJH0180
 RJH0181  RJH0182  RJH0187  RJH0189
 RJH0192  RJH0195  RJH0196  RJH0198
 RJH0200  RJH0201  RJH0202  RJH0205
 RJH0207  RJH0208  RJH0209  RJH0210
 RJH0211  RJH0212  RJH0213  RJH0214
 RJH0215  RJH0218  RJH0221  RJH0223
 RJH0224  RJH0225  RJH0226  RJH0229
 RJH0231  RJH0232  RJH0233  RJH0237
 RJH0239  RJH0243  RJH0244  RJH0246
 RJH0248  RJH0249  RJH0250  RJH0251
 RJH0252  RJH0253  RJH0254  RJH0256
 RJH0257  RJH0263  RJH0267  RJH0294
 RJH0310  RJH0315  RJH0329