Turlock and Pitman High Schools 2014 WildLink Expedition

Juan, Jordan, Natasha, Jazzmin, Dannial, Lizzy, Erika, Jacob, Dino, Isai & Bradley adventured up Clouds Rest while learning the intricacies of teamwork and trying to master respect for everyone in their group while enjoying the amazing views from atop Cloud's Rest.
--  RJH7933  RJH7935  RJH7936
 RJH7938  RJH7941  RJH7947  RJH7949
 RJH7952  RJH7954  RJH7956  RJH7958
 RJH7960  RJH7962  RJH7965  RJH7966
 RJH7968  RJH7971  RJH7973 Photobomb!
 RJH7978  RJH7982 IMG 6157 IMG 6160
IMG 6162  RJH8019 IMG 6164  RJH8023
 RJH8025  RJH8028  RJH8031  RJH8032
 RJH8034  RJH8038  RJH8039  RJH8049
 RJH8055  RJH8056  RJH8060  RJH8064
 RJH8066  RJH8069  RJH8072  RJH8074
 RJH8076 IMG 6171  RJH8077  RJH8078
 RJH8080  RJH8083  RJH8084  RJH8086
 RJH8094  RJH8097  RJH8102  RJH8104
 RJH8112  RJH8114  RJH8115  RJH8116
 RJH8119 IMG 6173 Not getting back their deposit.  RJH8338
 RJH8339  RJH8340  RJH8341  RJH8342
 RJH8343  RJH8344 IMG 6175 IMG 6179
IMG 6181 IMG 6183 IMG 6184 IMG 6185
IMG 6187 IMG 6189 IMG 6191 IMG 6192
IMG 6194 IMG 6196 IMG 6197 IMG 6198
IMG 6201 IMG 6202 IMG 6204 IMG 6207
IMG 6213