WildLink Club goes to Stonehenge Climbing Gym

Seven THS WildLink Club members decided to rent out the Stonehenge Climbing Gym in Modesto so we could "Learn the Ropes" of climbing. It was a day of great fun, teamwork and trust. We were all quite sore afterwords, but full of pride in our accomplishments for the day.
Jordan learns how to strap in. Dulce, Kathleen, Eva, Luis, Jordan Jordan  RJH1668
 RJH1669 Jordan Jordan  RJH1672
Jordan Jordan JOrdan Jordan
Jordan Natasha & Jazz Jazzmine Learning how to belay.
Dulce & Eva hit the wall Dulce & Eva Jazzmine Mr H
Jazz, Mr H & Dulce on the wall. Mrs H Luis Luis
Luis Dulce belays Luis Luis
Luis Kathleen Kathleen  RJH1731
 RJH1732  RJH1735  RJH1736  RJH1738
 RJH1743  RJH1744  RJH1745  RJH1748
 RJH1751  RJH1752  RJH1754  RJH1755
 RJH1759  RJH1764  RJH1767  RJH1772
 RJH1779  RJH1783  RJH1787  RJH1790
 RJH1796  RJH1797  RJH1798  RJH1799
 RJH1811  RJH1812  RJH1814  RJH1815
 RJH1817  RJH1827  RJH1829  RJH1832
 RJH1837  RJH1839  RJH1846  RJH1847
 RJH1854  RJH1860  RJH1864  RJH1865
 RJH1869  RJH1870  RJH1871  RJH1874