Sentinel Dome and Taft Point - WildLink Club

Twenty-one students from Turlock and Pitman High Schools braved a late-summer spattering of rain and hail to achieve vast vistas of Yosemite. This was a great way to start the year, but pictures are sparse due to intense rain and hail on the Taft Point Hike. Didn't want my camera to take a beating.
The WildLink crew - 2013.  The start of the Sentinel Dome trail. Mrs. H and her parents enjoy the stroll. Even Zephyr went hiking with the students.  They are great role models for Zephyr. Quite the view from atop Sentinel Dome.  Lots of folks were enjoying the cool winds before the rain.
Dulce and Kathleen say "Cheese". Zack wanted his photo taken, but I never could find him. Brian savors the view.  RJH9669
Ahhhhhhh!  Inches from death!  Not really. Jacob had a great first experience in Yosemite. Zephyr was having fun in Yosemite. The Yosemite unibomber was stalking Natasha and Jazzmin.
A cool and breezy lunch with a view. Our second hike took place just a little down the road to the Taft Point Fissures.  We made it most of the way dry, but then a good wallup of rain and hail hit. Hail and rain streak past us as we hike down. Great trees growing out of the vertical joints near Taft Point.
Ruby and Sara stayed very far away from the slippery edge. Jacob, Isai & Jose bummed that is was too wet to get too close to the edge. A great view of Taft Point and El Capitan.  RJH9690
The multiple colors of granite and lichen were quite lovely. This beautiful rainbow greeted us upon our arrival back to Turlock.