WildLink visits Inspiration Point - Yosemite

Eighteen awesome WildLink Club members took advantage of a perfect November day to experience the grandeur of Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point. More info to come tomorrow, but for now, here are the photos.
 RJH0352  RJH0357  RJH0360  RJH0362
 RJH0367  RJH0368  RJH0372  RJH0373
 RJH0374  RJH0379  RJH0382  RJH0383
 RJH0388  RJH0390  RJH0391  RJH0392
 RJH0393  RJH0394  RJH0395  RJH0398
 RJH0401  RJH0402  RJH0404  RJH0406
 RJH0407  RJH0412  RJH0413  RJH0414
 RJH0416  RJH0417  RJH0423  RJH0426
 RJH0431  RJH0436  RJH0442  RJH0445
 RJH0449  RJH0451  RJH0452  RJH0457
 RJH0459  RJH0461  RJH0463  RJH0471
 RJH0473  RJH0474  RJH0480 elcap
 RJH0484  RJH0488  RJH0493  RJH0494
 RJH0499  RJH0501  RJH0504