WildLink Burst Rock Trip Two - 2014

Twenty-two WildLinkers set out for a great day of adventuring up Burst Rock in the Stanislaus National Forest. Upon entering the wilderness our large group of 29 students and drivers broke into two groups with one group going low to Powell Lake and the other group going high atop WildLink Point (Unnamed high point on ridge). The sky was amazingly clear and we had visibility of over 30 miles in all directions. It was awesome!
 RJH7720  RJH7721  RJH7724  RJH7725
 RJH7727  RJH7729  RJH7731  RJH7732
 RJH7733  RJH7734  RJH7735  RJH7736
 RJH7737  RJH7740  RJH7741  RJH7742
 RJH7743  RJH7745  RJH7747  RJH7748
 RJH7750  RJH7753  RJH7754  RJH7756
 RJH7757  RJH7758  RJH7759  RJH7760
 RJH7761  RJH7770  RJH7772  RJH7773
 RJH7776  RJH7778  RJH7779  RJH7780
 RJH7782  RJH7783  RJH7784  RJH7787
 RJH7788  RJH7790  RJH7791  RJH7794
 RJH7795  RJH7796  RJH7797  RJH7799
 RJH7800  RJH7804  RJH7820  RJH7822
 RJH7824  RJH7828  RJH7829  RJH7830
 RJH7831  RJH7832  RJH7833  RJH7835
 RJH7836  RJH7837  RJH7839  RJH7841
 RJH7842 Mr. Deal, Marissa, Mr. Campbell, Lyndsay, Maritza, Jonathan, Vanessa, Christian, Cayanne, Samantha, Bradley, Juan, Dino, Jennifer, Ariel, Isai, Jordan, Sarah, Alex, Angela, Crystal, Raeann, Celina, Kya  RJH7844  RJH7845