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Upcoming Meets:

  • 2/29 Uniforms
  • 3/4 @ Sierra
  • 3/8 @ MJC



THS Coaching Staff

  • Mike Brown
    Girls head coach
  • Ryan J Hollister
    Boys head coach
  • Ed Schollenberg
    Pole Vault
  • Dee Gilmore
  • Greg Smith
  • James Peterson

NEWS (2/29/08)

Welcome to the new and improved internet home of Turlock High School Track & Field! I've tried to make the site as user friendly as possible, but if there is a question or concern please feel free to contact Coach Hollister, as he is the only coach crazy enough to spend hours making a website.

Eventually, meet highlights will be posted here as well as anything else of interest to our track team. Speaking of which:

  1. A HUGE THANKS to the THS Boosters Club. They just chipped-in a $3400 for a new Fully Automatic Timing System that is going to be awesome for our meets for recording and analyzing practices. They'll be having their annual dinner & auction in mid-april, so stay tuned to help give back
  2. We'll be handing out uniforms on Friday to those 3-4 yr varsity members. All 1st year team members (no matter what grade you are) get last dibbs.