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Thank you for viewing my photo portfolio. This page is still undergoing major changes. I'm tinkering with my "gallery" to showcase and sell some of my better shots from around Callifornia and the desert southwest. It seems more and more people are asking for prints these days which is flattering

For the time being, If you are interested in purchasing a print (any size you desire) please email me, at which time we can discuss your preferences and pricing. There will be an online ordring option at some point before I die :-)

By popular demand, I've converted several of my favorite shots into black and white. See what you think!!

  Black & White Gallery
Monochrome Landscapes
Mostly shots of Yosemite
  La Brea Tar Pits
Stanislaus County Fair
2009 "Digital Advanced Amature" Entries
delicate arch
Black & White (Summer 08)
The Photographers Gallery
California Show
California (January 09)
The Photographers Gallery