Fossil Discovery and Eastman Lake 01—02/03/19

Zephyr and I explored the amazing 700,000 year old fossils found in Fairmead, CA while excavating a garbage dump cell in 1993. The site was a Pleistocene floodplian of the Chowcilla River which once flowed much higher when the climate was cooler and wetter. Over 40 species have been discovered including a new-to-science smilodon species. We had a great time at the museum and then headed to the hills to chase dramatic clouds and go for a hike.
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One blacklight dance pic first :-)
Museum starts you off with a movie of all the types of animals that once lived in the area.
The star Columbian Mammoth.
Big foot
Lots of great stuff to touch and investigate.
Lots of great stuff to touch and investigate.
Some of the locally-collected specimens.
Many of the Fairmead fossils are severely weathered and broken.