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Looking for a way to get into the heart of the Emigrant Wilderness without hiking 8 miles one way??  Hoping that "cheater" way will give you a great workout and views to die for?? Do you own a 4-Wheel Drive vehicle?
If you answered yes to all of these questions, then Lower Relief Valley via East Flange Rock Road is the hike for you!  A steep 800' cross country descent in less than a mile puts you squarely in the middle of the meadow with options to go southwest up to the Upper Relief Valley or to go due east up the granite facade leading to Granite Dome and it's collection of lakes.  It was a truly gorgeous hike, but not for those who aren't in some semblance of good physical shape.  Since there was a ton of snow left on the north facing Granite Dome area, we picked our way towards Upper Relief Valley in hopes of fishing for some monster brook trout.  Unfortunately, the drive & hike took a bit more time than we expected, so we never made it to Upper Valley, but still had a great time exploring.  Now that I know what is in store, I'm sure I'll be back for another day hike with some friends that won't want to divorce me for making them go down such a steep hike!


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