Bear Lake 2014

Laura, Zephyr, Steve, Bryanna, Gretchen and I took a lovely tune-up hike to Bear Lake. This 8 miler was by far Zephyr's longest hike and he did great. The hike itself is pretty easy with a dusty climb to Camp lake and then a lovely walk between small meadows and ephemeral streams to Bear Lake. I didn't bring a fishing pole but the fishing here is generally fair at best. See my previous Bear Lake hike descriptions for more geology.
Before hiking we had to stop off at the cabin in Twain Harte to see Grandpa. Laura plays the uke in preparation for her first long hike in a while. Uncle Larry tries to convince Zephyr that he's good people. Zephyr was a bit skeptical but eventually warmed-up.
Zephyr looks at Uncle Larry's photos from Mexico. Ok, now the trail fun can begin.  Gretchen & Bryanna crossing a tiny bit of water.  RJH3754 Camp Lake.
Zephyr was quite entertained by the scenery at Camp Lake. Laura looking cute. An unnamed pond on the way to Bear Lake. Steve and Bryanna lead the way through the squishy sections.
Time for Zephyr's lunch. Bryanna, Steve & Gretchen. Laura & Zephyr. Laura and Zephyr at Bear Lake.
Zephyr digs into the nature. Zephyr James - Rock Climber. Zephyr James - Rock Climber. We were visited by a fairly large gopher snake.  I can't imagine the frigid waters felt too good.
Gopher snake swimming away. Bear Lake. That's a face dad recognizes as his own. A tad overexposed, but a happy kid.
Glacial erratics on the Bummers Flat Granodiorite.  101 million years ago this place was a magma chamber feeding large volcanoes. Aspens and corn lillies. Let's take a moment to reflect on the environment. Corn Lilly popping-up.
Steve takes his usual swim across Camp Lake. Zephyr did great in the pack.  As long as there was food, he was happy. Zephyr in the pack.  RJH3819
Laura and Bryanna as Steve tries to pass the wierd little kids and odd family that had been backpacking.  Let's just say they weren't people persons.  RJH3822  RJH3825 We made it!