Tamarack Lake - Desolation Wilderness

Description of Tamarack Lake:
Tamarack lake can be reached by either of two ways:  hike along the north edge of Echo Lakes on the Pacific Crest Tail for over three miles and then up into Tamarack, or take a water taxi across both lakes, and shave 2 hours of hiking time. We chose to be tightwads and hike the entirety, but were rewarded with grand views of the lakes during the final stages of a long, long winter. Tamarack is an OK lake aesthetically speaking, but I witnessed no fish in the lake and didn't even get a hit. I had more fun cruising in my Trail Boat and watching Steve take a plunge in the icy water than anything else. My wife enjoyed a nap.
tamarack topo
Laura & Steve ready for the hike around Echo Lakes...
And the hike along the north shore begins.
There are lots of boat-to cabins on Echo Lakes. Many...
How cool is this!?
Room with a view.
And very nicely decorated inside.
Granite is cool. (It is... the magma it came from was hot.)
There's the sign indicating where the 2+ miles of trail...
Both upper and lower Echo Lakes.
Steve wasn't impressed.
Tamarack had JUST iced-out after a really long winter.
It made for some nice photos though.
Steve decided he was hot and needed to do something about...
How low can he go?
He wanted us to share in his misery. Butt-head.
Postcard taken by Laura.
I don't like getting wet or cold, so I whipped-out the...
I was gonna catch a fish.
I feel a Titanic-esque scenario looming.
Thar she blows.
See the evidence of Steve?
Oh, there he is... with the hypothermic death-wish.
20 seconds in and he's not much of a man (if you know...
The hike back brought some thunderstorms.
Laura pretends to be a fisherman.
The snow was still thick on the north facing slopes.
Meltwater makes for a neat scene.
Water vs granite: A battle royal in which water will...
This micro-burst was something to behold, and something I...

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