Poly Dome Lakes 09/10/18

A quick hike through some amazing glaciated landscapes and pristine, fishless lakes.
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Murphy Creek Trail head... home to the Poly Dome Lakes.
The hike consisted of traversing many glacial features etched into and deposited atop Half Dome Granodiorite.
Tuolumne Peak. Made of 98.4Ma Granodiorite of Mt. Hoffman.
A nice diorite enclave within Half Dome Granodiorite.
Glacial erratics. Iphone 7+ for scale. Note the huge orthoclase crystals. I think this is the porphyritic variety of Half Dome Granodiorite.
Glacial polish, gouges and erratics.
Can't get enough of Tuolumne Peak.
Lower Poly Dome Lake. The largest of bunch. Tuolumne Peak in the distance.
How about some Needle Ice forming along the shores of lower Poly Dome Lake?
Needle Ice along shores of Poly Dome Lake.